20 September 2006

Don't know why I bother

I recently pruned my blogroll.

Blogs that looked interesting when I first began to read them became dull, and I found I wasn't looking at them much anymore. Or when I looked at them they hadn't had anything new for a long time. I'm not one of those to apologise when I haven't written anything in my blog for a while. I write if I have something to say, mostly to myself, but also if I'm interested in responses from other people. The trouble is other people don't seem to respond much. There have been no comments on my last I don't know how many entries. As I said in my MySpace blog, I don't know why I bother.


Nathan said...

I'm glad I still make the cut, though to my eye, my posting has been diminished in quality of late. And sorry for not giving you any feedback lately, I totally understand your sentiment. Perhaps others, like me, are just very busy right now. I wouldn't lose heart though.

Steve Hayes said...

Well, thanks for the response!

I try to respond to most of the blogs I read regularly -- not to every posting, obviously, but to the ones that interest me, and some obviously do interest me or I wouldn't be reading regularly.

And one of my aims in blogging is to try to bounce ideas of people, and get some differen views, so if everything just goes "plop" into a bottomless pit, there isn't much point.

So I appreciate your comments very much.


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