15 September 2006

The moral high ground

Had Saddam Hussein flattened Kuwait and its infrastructure, in the way Israel has done to Lebanon, Blair and Bush would have been charging into the UN with a resolution demanding the right to unlimited war, sequestration of assets and permanent occupation. The morally vacuous nature of New Labour stared people in the face; an opportunist clique with all the qualities of phlegm. Only Foreign Office Minister Kim Howells had the courage to express his outrage, from the streets of Beirut, at the carnage taking place.
from Dead men walking by Alan Simpson.

Tony Blair has been a warmonger for longer than George Bush. He supported the Albright-Clinton bombing of Belgrade. The odd thing is that the last straw for the British public and the Labour Party rank and file seems to have been the recent Lebanon war, in which no British forces were involved.

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