26 April 2012

Computer translation

Google has for some time offered an online translation service, and Microsoft's Bing offered a competing one, which is used on Facebook (guess why). 

The following comment on a Facebook story obviously flummoxed Bing completely, though the Google one wasn't much better. I don't think human translators need to fear for their jobs just yet.

Κοριτσια, ειπαμε να αγαπαμε τα ζωα αλλα μην το παρακανουμε κι ολας. Τα αδεσποτα δεν ειναι και ιερες αγελαδες. Στη Σοφια έφαγαν ζωντανο στο προσωπο και τα ακρα εναν ηλικιωμενο ο οποιος απεβιωσε.
Koritsia, eipame to the other animals agapame don't parakanoyme and olas. The invalid and adespota ieres agelades. In Sofia the person ate zwntano and extreme ilikiwmeno apebiwse employ the smokers. (Translated by Bing
Girls, we decided to love animals but do not overdo and olas. Straying is not sacred cows. In Sofia ate live in person and ends an elderly who died. (translated by Facebook)

Εχω υποστει και εγω επιθεση από τσοπανοσκυλα στον Ωρωπο και Φινλανδος φιλος μας στην Ακαδημια Πλατωνος πηγαινοντας για τα ΚΤΕΛ και κατεληξε στο νοσοκομειο

I have ypostei and tsopanoskyla in vids by affixing Wrwpo and our Finlandos filos Akadimia pigainontas for Platwnos and katelixe in KTEL nosokomeio (Translated by Bing
I have suffered from aggression, and I Sheepdogs Oropos Finns and friends in Plato's Academy Going on the bus and ended up in hospital (translated by Facebook)

The story being commented on was this one:
Sprawling in the sun or barking and chasing cars, stray dogs have become part of urban life in Bulgaria but after a pack mauled a US university professor to death, the mood of tolerance is over.
Stray animals
Perhaps I should mention that in Athens stray animals, especially dogs, used to be rounded up by the city authorities and killed. Animal lovers protested, and so the policy changed. The stray animals were caught, sterilised and innoculated against various diseases, and then released again.


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