24 April 2012

E-mail is becoming erratic and dysfunctional

It looks as though spammers are beginning to succeed in making e-mail useless.

Several people have told me recently that e-mail that I send to their Gmail addresses ends up in their spam box. That is something new. One of the things that I thought was good about Gmail in the past was that one never had to check the spam box, because there were so few false positives. But now it seems that one will have to look in the spam box for mail. And also, when sending mail to anyone with a Gmail address, also send a text message to say "Did you get my e-mail? If you didn't, please check your spam box."

But when I tested it by sending a message to my own Gmail address, it came through OK without going to spam. 

I am quite unable to send e-mail to people who have iburst addresses though. It doesn't even reach their spam box, it just bounces right back to me. The only way to communicate with them is through a direct message on Facebook, or SMS.

Oh well, I think I'm going to have to start buying stamps again.


Richard Fairhead said...

Interesting. At work we introduced grey-listing on the email server 3-4 year ago I think and spam virtually dissappeared. One or two people found the 15 minute delay on some incoming email irritating but to lose all spam with no false positives was worth it.

I have only used gmail since the beginning of the year and have had maybe 4-5 in my spam folder, but telling gmail they are not spam helps the AI engine to learn addresses etc.

My problem with email was not spam but the volume of legitimate email. Last year it was taking a minimum of two hours per day to deal with all the real emails, and on some days more than four hours!

CherryPie said...

I have been having trouble with my ISP being blocked from sending emails to some people lately.


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