04 October 2010

Anti-Americans and Islamophobes

There are only two kinds of people in the world: Anti-Americans and Islamophobes. Those who are not Anti-American are Islamophobic. And those who are not Islamophobic are Anti-American. And everyone is either one or the other.

At least that is the impression I sometimes get from the stuff I read on the Internet.

What a sad world we live in.


Chris Hall said...

Where does that leave an American Muslim?

Indeed a sad world!

CalumCarr said...

It's so easy to attach labels. Stereotyping means never having to challenge oneself.

Steve Hayes said...


Yes, that's what sparked the thought off. Back in the 1940s American sociologists wanted to be "inclusive", so they said there were three American religions, which were truly American - Protestant-Catholic-Jew, and they came up with the adjective "Judeo-Christian" to describe American society. And guess who was excluded bty their description


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