25 March 2010

Purging my blogroll

Every couple of months I go through my blogrolls and delete the links to blogs that no longer exist, or no longer interest me, or no longer allow me to read them. There have been quite a lot of those this month, either deleted by the authors, or open to invited readers only (and I wasn't invited).

My Emerging Faith, Convergence, The Lifegiver, Confessions of a seminarian and All Hallows Eve are among those that either no longer exist or are no longer accessible. Smulospace is perpetually "down for maintenance", which amounts to the same thing. Red Star Coven and Skyldings in the mead hall have announced that they will no longer be updated, but at least they are still available.


James Higham said...

I see I've had the chop. Oh well, that's life.

Jarred said...

I don't think I ever made it on your blogroll. ;)

Steve Hayes said...

James and Jarred,

Neither of you has had the chop. Both your blogs are still in my MyBlogLog lists, but I'll appear in them as "Methodius" with a picture of the Fool from the Tarot. And when I go to your blogs via MyBlogLog I still get there, without gettin g messages that the blog has been removed by the author, or made accessible to invited readers only. It was only in those cases that I clicked on the "Leave this blog's community" button.

Jarred, for example, should see me here, which means his blog is still on my blogroll.


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