08 March 2010

How I found God and peace with my atheist brother

The journalist brothers Christopher and Peter Hitchens have gained some notoriety for their radically different views on the relative merits of atheism and Christianity, and even at one point had a public debate on the topic.

In this article Peter Hitchens gives his testimony, as it were. How I found God and peace with my atheist brother: PETER HITCHENS traces his journey back to Christianity | Mail Online

It appears that their sibling rivalry goes back to their early childhood, and that their parents at one point even persuaded them to sign a peace treaty, which Peter admits he was the first to break.

In a recent post I quoted something very critical of the British Daily Mail and its poor journalistic standards, and so when someone recommended this piece by Peter Hitchens to me I nearly didn't bother to read it. But it would have been a pity to let prejudice keep me from reading something as interesting as this.


James Higham said...

My post tomorrow morning will begin with Jehanne la Pucelle, move to here, Steve and then consider the Hitchens article. This post is thought provoking.

Steve Hayes said...

I look forward to that, James.

But it seems that Peter Hitchens's brother si not the only one who misunderstands the points he makes.

Yewtree said...

Disliking the Daily mail is not a prejudice, it's a well-founded opinion. But thanks for flagging up the article; it sounds interesting.

Yewtree said...

Very interesting article. I reject both Peter Hitchens' view that there is no morality without God, and Christopher Hitchens' view that religion poisons everything.

It would be interesting to read Christopher Hitchens' response to this article.

I found the bit at the end, about how they resolved their quarrel by finding common ground in values, rather touching.


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