09 January 2010

Current reading: a tourist's guide to modernity

From Dawn to Decadence From Dawn to Decadence by Jacques Barzun

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I haven't finsihed reading this book, and will add to these comments when I do. I recently picked it up again after putting it aside , and then putting other books on top of it, after I'd got about halfway through.

It's a kind of history and tourist's guide to modernity. I was moved to pick it up again after an internet discussion on science, magic and miracles.

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I first came across Jacques Barzun when I was working on my masters dissertation and read The modern researcher, which he wrote with Henry Graff, and found it enormously helpful, and have recommended it to postgraduate students ever since. So when I saw this new book of his in a bookshop I had no hesitation in buying it, and i have bot een disappointed.


Anonymous said...

The current crisis in Civilization did not start with Darwin--it is/was inherent in both Western culture and the Christian tradition altogether.




Plus this reference describes (among other things) the origins of the entirely godless power and control seeking perceptual strait-jacket in which we now ALL trapped--with NO exceptions, including everyone who presumes to be religious.


A strait-jacket that INEVITABLY created the situation described in this essay


Plus a reference which gives a unique Understanding of both modernism and postmodernism


Steve Hayes said...

What crisis? And what does Darwin have to do with it?

I haven't reached Darwin in Barzun's book -- am in for a nasty surprise when I do?


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