04 January 2010

The Invisible Hand

One of the most persistent forms of idolatry in our time has been the worship of economic forces. There have been huge debates about the nature of these economic forces. For Marxists the name of the deity is "the dialectical forces of history" while for the Free Marketeers it has been "the free rein of the market mechanism".

But these are simply two denominations of the same religion. Both believe in subjecting man to the power of economics and money.

Hat-tip to A Pinch of Salt: Invisble hands of all kinds, who comments:
What is more rational or realistic - believing in a Father in heaven or an All Encompassing Love, or in this invisible hand? Just this one time let us ask the question.


Yewtree said...

Given a choice between the Invisible Hand of the Market, a Father in Heaven, or an All Encompassing Love... I would choose the All Encompassing Love.

However, for me, love and consciousness go hand-in-hand as emergent properties of the universe. Not sure about all-encompassing, but certainly always welling up everywhere.

Tauratinswe said...

I've thought the same thing about the worship of the market. It is fitting that in the USA coins are imprinted "In God We Trust." Money IS the god worshiped here--to the detriment of all.

Ryan said...

What you're saying is a little extreme. According to what you wrote, not only is economic analysis idolatrous, so is participation in any economy. So that makes us all idolaters (which we are and in need of forgiveness). So what's your point?

Steve Hayes said...


I think you have misunderstood. I did not say that either economic analysis nor economic activity are idolatrous. But as Jesus said that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath, so economic activity was made for man, not man for economic activity.

What is idolatrous is the ideologies that insist that man must be controlled by economic forces, and that economic considerations take precedence over everything else.


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