05 November 2009

Letter to an alien spammer

Someone calling themselves oxsumms
of dwpyuwvbdbfq.com/
giving the e-mail address of datakt@glfrag.com

Attempted to post the follow spam comment on my blog this morning.
qzwsPE ntrdcanlqxxc, [url=http://qadfozdfvdvs.com/]qadfozdfvdvs[/url],
I usually delete about 4-5 such spam comments each week, identical in form, though using different combinations of nonsense letters and nonsene URLs.

I'm just curious about why these are being posted? What's in it for you? What reward is there for such futile and meaningless activity?

I suppose it is just possible that somewhere in a galaxy far far away there is a language in which "qzwsPE ntrdcanlqxxc" means "Enlarge your nine penises", but what mere earthling could be expected to understand it, much less be tempted by the offer?

So what does motivate people (or extraterrestrial space aliens) to engage in such futile, meaningless and apparently unrewarding behaviour?

Enquiring minds want to know.

1 comment:

Chris Hall said...

If they can get the links onto your site then their site's 'value' in search engines goes up. Secondly, there will be people stupid enough to click through, and maybe even pick up a virus or a trojan. Thirdly there will even be people stupid enought to click through and buy something. It's all a matter of numbers, they use bots and suchlike to send out bazillions of these. Monkeys, typewriters, shakespeare.


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