11 September 2008

Hey, I'm a sage!

it seems to me...: spiritual type posted a link to this quiz on What's Your Spiritual Type?

The quiz is meant to help you learn about yourself, see how you compare with others, and have a little fun.

I tried the test, and it tells me I'm a Sage (The other types are Prophet, Lover and Mystic).

You are a Sage, characterized by a thinking or head spirituality. You value responsibility, logic, and order. Maybe that's why you were voted "Most Dependable" by your high school classmates. Structure and organization are important to you. What would the world be like without you? Chaos, that's what! Your favorite words include should, ought, and be prepared. What makes you feel warm and fuzzy? Like Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof it's tradition! tradition! tradition!

Because you love words, written or spoken, you enjoy a good lecture, serious discussions, and theological reflection. Prayer for you usually is verbal. You thrive on activity and gatherings of people, such as study groups. Sages on retreat likely would fill every day with planned activities, leaving little time for silence or solitude.

We need Sages for your clear thinking and orderly ways. You pay attention to details that others overlook. Sages make contributions to education, publishing, and theology. You often are the ones who feel a duty to serve, give, care, and share with the rest of us.

On the other hand, sometimes you seem unfeeling, too intellectual, or dry. Can you say "dogmatic"? You may need to experience the freedom of breaking a rule or two every now and then. God's grace covers Sages too, you know!

It's probably fairly accurate. I wonder if it correlates with being INTP on Myers-Briggs.

You can try it here.


Yewtree said...

I'm a sage too, apparently. But I'm an ENFP (borderline E/I, borderline T/F, though).

Magotty Man said...

Me too. but I have a suspicion that the sage type would be abundant amongs bloggers.

BruceA said...

I'm INTP on Myers-Briggs, and a mystic.


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