12 September 2008

Chile's 9/11 terror.

Pete Grassow reminds us of another 9/11 anniversary.

Rock in the Grass (Pete Grassow): Chile's 9/11 terror.:
Pinochet's memory still conjures up different meanings for different people. Some still view him as the leader who transformed Chile into a prosperous economy -- despite the human and social costs. But as Chile continues to prosper under democratic rule, Pinochet more likely will be remembered as a notorious symbol of repression, one that casts a shadow on the history of U.S. foreign policy.

While Pinochet's dictatorship at least brought some economic benefits, one cannot, unfortunately, say the same for his fellow-dictator Robert Mugabe.


Sally said...

good point Steve

bigbluemeanie said...

Mmm. He turned out the lights on latin America's longest-standing democracy, killed thousands of people (to "protect" them from communism) and the economic benefits of the free-market fundamentalism were a long long time coming.

On a positive side, Chile is now led by a former detainee. Pinochet was repudiated by the people.


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