03 December 2007

Chavez loses Venezuelan reform referendum

One of the disturbing things about President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is his publicly expressed support for Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. And it was when Mugabe lost a referendum over constitutional changes that would have increased his powers and extended his term of office indefinitely that his regime of repression really began in Zimbabwe.

One hopes that Chavez does not follow Mugabe's example.

clipped from www.presstv.ir
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has conceded defeat in a referendum that aimed at expanding his power, saying he cannot do it for now.

Chavez admitted his defeat in a weekend referendum in a media conference broadcast live Sunday.

"I don't feel sad, no, I don't feel sad," he said, stressing that there were "minimal differences" in the final result, put at 51 percent against and 49 percent in favor moments earlier by the National Electoral Council.

The reforms would let Chavez run for re-election indefinitely, control foreign currency reserves, appoint loyalists over regional elected officials, and censor the media if he declares an emergency.

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Unknown said...

Again, it seems those willing to take on the Empire, at some point starts to spin out of control. I sometimes (only sometimes !) smell a rat, as it seems too obvious. Some of Chavez's view points are not too crazy. Of course we always need to have a nuanced analysis of their positions.

Steve Hayes said...

Well I thought he was a good guy and trying to achieve something useful until he started supporting Mugabe. Then I started doubting his political judgement.

It remains to be seen if he does go down the same road -- it would be a pity if he did.


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