29 December 2007

Benazir Bhutto -- martyr for democracy or crook?

To judge by the way the Western media covered the death of Benazir Bhutto, they should just love Jacob Zuma and Shabir Shaik.

It is sad that she was killed as she was. But a martyr for democracy?
I have to start off
with my recent perceptions of her. She was a corrupt politician
who was more interested in her political legacy than in the welfare
of her nation and people. President Bush said today that Bhutto
was someone who fought against terrorism. She did so, conveniently,
post 9-11. During the mid 1990s she was openly pro-Taliban as
the Pakistani government was one of the few nations in the world
that recognized that neo-Khawarij regime.
I am disgusted
with the US media. Their coverage of Bhutto as some sort of martyr
is despicable and inappropriate.
This woman was liable to be arrested at any moment by Interpol
because of all the money laundering she and her husband were
involved in with 3 to 4 different countries.
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existentialist said...

My understanding is that she was not killed directly, but died as a result of hitting her head.

bigbluemeanie said...

She was a crook, but she was their crook.


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