05 December 2007

Blogger: now mornings only

It seems that Blogger is now "mornings only".

If one posts after noon, the time of the post reverts to 12 hours earlier. If you have already posted a blog entry in the morning, the afternoon post appears after it, out of order.

For a while it was possible to correct this manually, for example by clicking on "Post Options" and entering the time as, say 18:15 instead of 06:15, but now if one does that it says one must enter the time as hh:mm. Never mind that 18:15 IS hh:mm -- one simply cannot get the correct time stamp on a blog posting, so afternoon posts appear out of order in the blog, and also don't show up on blog aggregators.

Yet another reason to switch to WordPress, I suppose.


Walton said...

I noticed the same problem - if I post something at night, my post no longer shows on the front page of amatomu.

Sue said...

How very bizarre. I show the times of my blog posts, so I just went and checked - mine are all fine. I have them set to show 24h clock, and they're labelled (correctly) 16.06, 18.44 and so on.

Fr David MacGregor said...

This bug is infuriating. But how does Sue get a 24 hour clock and we cannot? Bizare indeed. I had one acknowledgment from Blogger that it would be fixed as soon as possible, but since it is all silence.


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