03 September 2007

Women clergy leaving the Episcopal Church

According to Ad Orientem: Women priests leaving the Episcopal Church? Alice Linsley is doing a survey of women clergy who are leaving the Episcopal Church in the USA.

Alice Linsley herself was one who left to join the Orthodox Church, and knows of others who have done so, but would like to find out more. If anyone has information about this, please pass it on.


Yewtree said...

It would be interesting to know why they leave.

If it's over the whole gay issue, I would be saddened, as it is a very important issue, and I admire Bishop John Spong and Archbishop Desmond Tutu for speaking out on it, not to mention all those LGBT people who remain faithful to the message of Jesus in spite of the Church's rejection of them.

Steve Hayes said...


I have heard no more about how many have left or why.


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