05 September 2007

Study war no more -- questioning assumptions

I'd just written a piece on peace, war, militarism etc on my other blog when I came across this altogether non-political piece on someone else's blog.

This was not written by a peacenik, or an America-hating radical, or by someone with a political axe to grind. But I wish all Americans could read it, and see how their foreign policy looks to quite ordinary non-political people in other countries. It seems to me that so many Americans fail to question their own assumptions, but perhaps they should really take a look at themselves, and see how the actions of their government look to ordinary sane and normal people.


Tauratinswe said...

Most americans, like George Bush, are totally unaware that they have any assumptions underlying their positions. They are unaware that the whole world does not think as they do. They ASSUME that their thinking is pure and devoid of fabrication or falsehood. That is why they are surprised when anyone disagrees with them or prefers to retain their own culture rather convert themselves into americans.

Fortunately, a remnant remains who are participants in the real world.

seev said...

Yes! Yes! Tauratinzwe, I'm part of that remnant who is hoping he does participate in the real world. I sputter and kick and swear and send money to anything anti-Bush, and even DO something sometimes -- I mean sometimes I do walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. But much of it affects me internally. For example, last evening when I watched dear little Katie Curic walk about Iraq with General Petraeus as he gave her the standard Bush line about al-Qaeda and the successes of the surge, I got sick to my stomach, frankly afraid, and burned with frustration.

seev said...

Oh yes, Mardé. We know how much you care! :-):-):-)


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