03 January 2007

Commenting on this blog


Below each posting on this blog there is a place for comments, where you can add your own comments, or read comments other people have made.

Before your comments are posted, however, you have to type in a random series of letters to show that you are a person and not a bot trying to post comment spam.

Even if you type in the letters correctly, however, your comment is not always posted. You sometimes have to type several sets of letters to get it to post. If you post a comment therefore, scroll down to the bottem of the comment area. If what you typed is still there, your comment has not been posted, and you will need to type more letters before your comment is posted. Repeat this until the comment space is blank. Then your comment will be posted. Maybe.

Link to this and Blog this

There is also a thing that says "Link to this post". That doesn't work properly. This is the Blogger Beta version, which is now "fully featured". It has all the features, but they don't all work, that the "Link to this post" doesn't work properly, and the "Blog this" feature doesn't work at all.

But if you click on the "Link to this" you can copy the link that appears (sometimes) to your clipboard, and use it to put a link in your blog. Sometimes the link doesn't appear, and you are asked to log in again, and again, and again. Then you know that this feature isn't working today.

1 comment:

chaosnet3 said...

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