21 January 2007

The Avenging Aardvark's Aerie

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It is nearly 10 years since I discovered the Avenging Aardvark's Aerie on the Web.

It was full of all sorts of interesting and exciting ideas on theology and literature and other things I was interested in, and I got really excited about it, and wrote to the author, Ross Pavlac.

Unfortunately he had died the week before.

I was very sad, and felt a great loss of a friend I might have had.

Other friends of Ross Pavlac (1951-1997) have preserved his web pages, however, so that others can read them, even though they will never be updated. They seem to move from time to time, and every time I think I've lost them forever, I've managed to find them again. And fortunately the name is unique, so Google usually finds them.

If Ross Pavlac were alive today, he would no doubt have a blog and be on top of my blogroll.

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