15 January 2007

Bush and Blair banned from the Church of the Nativity

I wonder if either of them have had any urge to visit. Anyway, it seems that the clergy regard them in the same way as they regard Herod's Masssacre of the Innocents.

According to Christ is in our midst: Bush and Blair banned
On Tuesday 1 April 2003, the representative of the Orthodox community in Amman in the Jordan, Fr Constantine Karmash, said that he fully supported the Church of the Nativity’s decision to ban the Western leaders from entering the house of worship. ‘The priest at the Church of the Nativity has every right to ban Bush and his supporters, since they have marred the teachings of Christ. Their entry into the church will tarnish it, as [Bush’s] hands are covered in the blood of the innocent’, said Fr Constantine to The Jordan Times.


Anonymous said...

I've seen some doubt expressed as to the truth of this report.

Steve Hayes said...

I;ve seen some doubts expressed about most reports coming out of Bethlehem, including the birth of Christ itself and Herod's massacre of the innocents.


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