28 June 2006

the monk next door

A link to the only other person on LiveJournal who seems to be interested in

the monk next door

There doesn't exactly seem to have been a rush to comment here.


Nathan said...

This has always been an emphasis of the Jesuits, something I deeply respect in them, even if I don't always agree with the whole package. It may be, as the poster says, that Benedictines are just getting into this, and I'm not aware of any Orthodox versions of the same, but hasn't the Orthodox monastic focus traditionally been prayer for the rest of the Church, e.g. those at Mount Athos?

Nathan said...

And I apologise for not reading the preceeding posts and links.

Steve Hayes said...

I think the Benedictine focus too has been prayer for the rest of the church, while Jesuits have focused more on mission.


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