08 June 2006

escapist entryway: Interesting facts by association

It's nice to see that someone else likes The Dharma bums, though I must say that the bobblehead doll looks more like Thunderbirds than Jack Kerouac.

escapist entryway: Interesting facts by association
But I found it interesting that I too read The Dharma bums through in one sitting, almost, in the Durban public library. Not quite one sitting -- I was about three-quarters of the way through when the library closed, and they kicked me out. I didn't live in Durban then, so I couldn't borrow the book. And soon after that it was banned, and so I couldn't buy my own copy, or get it in any library.

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Erik Donald France said...


Here's to the Dharma Bums! Fun book. After that, Jack starts to drift a little (maybe the alcohol), though he remains interesting. Desolation Angels is a sad one. I'm a big fan of Dosteovsky, too. Hope all's well your way. p.s. I saw Noam Chomsky give a talk on the "500 Year Reich" at a Unitarian Church in Philadelphia. Very interesting guy, to be sure. As is Gore Vidal, among the empire's still-active critics.



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