12 June 2006

Blogspam, Internet vandalism and Technorati

A couple of days ago I posted an entry to my blog here and gave it a Technorati tag of "prophetic witness", but at the time of writing, at least, Technorati insists that there are no blog entries with that tag.

I tried to ping, but it said the blog was last updated days ago. I then entered something on my LiveJournal, and Technorati noted that that was updated in minutes. But it doesn't seem to be updating Blogspot.

I've also noticed that Google searches are become increasingly erratic. A few months ago, you could search Google and find pretty much exactly what you wanted on the first couple of pages. That's how it got to be the top search engine. Now the relevant results can be on page 10, and all the rest of the results are just junk. So I wonder -- is the Internet getting so clogged with blogspam that it's grinding to a halt?

Are the Internet vandals finally winning their battle to bring down the Internet and drive us back to snail mail?

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