10 February 2020

Reviving an old blog because WordPress is broken

It looks as though I may have to revive this old blog on Blogger.

I moved it to WordPress when the editor here at Blogger became increasingly clunky and difficult to use, but even a clunky editor is better than none at all.

I seem to have been locked out of my WordPress blogs Khanya, Notes from Underground (that last a replacement for this one) and Hayes and Greene Family History. Though I can still read them, I can't write to them, edit them, or approve new comments. Whenever I try to access them for those purposes, I get this message:
And after finding it broken for several days, with no apparent attempt being made to fix it, there is little alternative but to return to Blogger.

I'll still post links to the WordPress blogs from time to time if they answer questions that people ask and so on, but won't be able to post any new stuff there until WordPress fix their user interface, which they've showed no sign of doing so far.


Graham Downs said...

From that screenshot, it looks like they just now require particular Javascript functions which you've either disabled, or aren't supported by your browser.

To be honest, knowing you, my money's on the latter - and you probably can't upgrade your browser because nothing that supports those functions will run on your out-of-date operating system. :-(

It's time, Steve. Get yourself Windows 10 (or a modern flavour of Linux, or even MacOS; anything will do). Then install a 16-bit FreeDOS / Windows XP VM on it to run your legacy software. And keep that VM off the Internet.

It's only a matter of time. More and more sites are going to stop working completely if you go on the way you have been.

Graham Downs said...

... Alternatively, maybe you can use one of these browsers instead: https://appuals.com/the-5-best-browsers-for-windows-xp/

Firefox is there, but they say the latest version does not support Windows XP. The others, I've never heard of before, but they might be worth a look....

Steve Hayes said...

Graham Downs,

The problem is that, being a pensioner, I cannot afford to buy a new computer every couple of years to cope with the planned obsolescence of the software industry.

I realise that lots of people are employed in that industry, and that they therefore have to keep changing things to justify their continued employment, and so planned obsolescence keeps the economy moving.

Perhaps I should try crowdfunding...

But there's the other thing as well. I use computers to make my life easier, but even if I could afford to follow your recommendation, if I followed that line, instead of using computers to facilitate creative work, I'd be spending more and more time serving and maintaining the computer. Computers, like the Sabbath, were made for man, not man for computers.


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