20 November 2008

Blog Comment Day 2008 | Blogging

John Smulo is tryin g to promote more interaction in the blogosphere by starting a "Blog Comment DaY"

Blog Comment Day 2008 | Blogging:
Though there may be 100 reasons why people blog, I've yet to meet a blogger who doesn't appreciate comments. For this reason I'm starting Blog Comment Day on December 3, 2008. Here's how it works:

* On December 3, 2008 you will leave one comment on at least 5 different blogs.
* Out of the 5 blogs you comment on, at least 2 of them will be blogs you haven't commented on previously.

John has also set up an event on Facebook and invited people to join in.One thing that surprised me about that was the number of people who declined the event. I'm amazed that so many people have conscientious objections to commenting on other people's blogs!


Anonymous said...

I've just signed up (on facebook). I guess that means I'm gonna have to make sure I post on the 5th as well.

Anonymous said...

I copied this over to my blog to help get the word out.

At its heart, it's asking us to spend fifteen minutes on other people- I think that's doable. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for supporting this Steve.


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