03 April 2007

After Morse, Lewis

Bede's Journal comments on the new TV series Lewis, featuring the former sidekick of the late Inspector Morse, and notes that it has a somewhat unusual feature for British television -- a positive portrayal of the Christian faith. For Lewis is now the senior, and has a sidekick of his own, and the sidekick is a Christian, rather than a TV caricature of one.


Michael Westmoreland-White, Ph.D. said...

Fascinating. Now if only U.S. TV would show a Christian who was not either a fundamentalist or a Catholic priest or nun.

Sally said...

Surprisingly good show too! Morse was a tough act to follow.

Steve Hayes said...

We saw one episode a few months ago, and my wife remarked, with some surprise, at the portrayal of Lewis's sidekick as a believable Christian rather than a caricature.

Neither Morse nor Lewis had any religious faith, and in the new series it seems that Lewis still did not, but there wewre some interesting interactions.

Unfortunately we came across it when channel hopping, and forgot both the channel and the time of the week wehn it was showing, so didn't see any more. We've seen plenty of Morse reruns though, and have read most of the books. I enjoy whodunits.


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