27 March 2007


Robert Mugabe likes to create the impression that all the problems of Zimbabwe are caused by imperialists and colonialists of the west, and that all his critics are somehow allied with George Bush, Tony Blair & Co.

Actually it is not so.

The opposition to Mugabe's rule comes from the urban working class in Zimbabwe, and it is they who have borne the brunt of his oppression. As I noted in an earlier post, the open tension between ZANU-PF and the MDC in Zimbabwe is mirrored in the tensions within the tripartite alliance in South Africa.

And now Blade Nzimande has said something on the subject:

'ANC following in Zanu-PF's footsteps'
Christelle Terreblanche
March 25 2007 at 03:14PM

Blade Nzimande, the SA Communist Party leader, has warned that the ANC government may be falling into the same trap as its Zimbabwean counterparts.

Nzimande on Saturday said the SACP should carefully scrutinise its own alliance partner for signs of similarity between the ANC and the Zimbabwean ruling party, Zanu-PF, which has come under renewed international condemnation for its recent repression of opposition and civil society.

Nzimande coined the phrase "govermentalisation of the national liberation struggle" to warn against the dangers of Zanu-PF's and President Robert Mugabe's hold on power.

More here: 'ANC following in Zanu-PF's footsteps'


Magotty Man said...

Yes - I was wondering about this: Whereas the SACP and Cosatu have obvious left wing tendencies, there is an element of Fascist thought in the ANC, and especially in Mugabe's actions etc. Or am i wrong?

Steve Hayes said...


I think it is a bit more complicated than that. The ANC is in part a nationalist movement, and it also had a deep commitment to democracy, which was in the ANC when the Communist Party was Stalinist.

But the ANC is changing, as a new generation vie for leadership, and some of those do not have the ideals of the libveration struggle, but see political leadership as a way of becoming rich. This will become an increasing problem as the struggle generation passes.


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