14 October 2006

Lebanese joke

This joke is doing the rounds in Lebanon:

A Christian whose house was destroyed by the Israeli onslaught lost all his possessions. All that remained was a picture of the Christ. He took it with him and went to see Saad Hariri, who gave him 100 thousand dollars to rebuild.

Seeing this, his Shia neighbour took down his picture of Nasrallah and went to see Hariri with it. Hariri gave him $5,000. The man was surprised:

"But you gave my neighbour 100,000!"

"That's right. He brought a picture of his Lord crucified. Bring me a picture of yours crucified and I'll give you 5 million."


Nathan said...

Oh wow. That's harsh.

Steve Hayes said...

I think it has many layers of meaning that are worth contemplating.

Anonymous said...

LOL, thanks for the laugh.


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