24 October 2006

Orthodoxy and Liberation Theology

When I posted my response to the quiz on theological worldviews in my LiveJournal, I pointed out that quite a lot of theological worldviews were missing from the list, including Orthodoxy and Liberation theology.

Someone asked for my views on Liberation Theology, and so I decided to put an article I had written on the subject some years ago on the web. If anyone is interested, it is Orthodoxy and Liberation Theology.

Comments are welcome, either on the message forum linked to the article, or here.

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Anonymous said...

Great paper. A number of things that I've been thinking about a lot. I especially appreciated this: "Anselm's juridical view of the atonement, which came to dominate Western theology, led to the understanding of sin and evil as being primarily something God punishes us for, rather than as something God rescues us from."

(Rev Sam/Elizaphanian)

Steve Hayes said...

Yes, Anselm's soteriology is probably one of the biggest barriers between East and West, but because he wrote Cur Deus homo? after the schism, it's not really come up much on the ecumenical agenda.

Also, its one of the reasosn that people in the West tend to contrast Liberation Theology with "traditional" theology, whereas real traditional theology is liberation theology.


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