22 July 2006

The Gaelic Starover: Hezbollah Has Two Mommies

The Western news media have managed to distract attention from the killing of children in Lebanon by concentrating their reporting almost on the evacuation of those lucky enough to be citizens of other countries, and even that coverage was pretty racist:
Even the newspaper and television stories managed to avoid the reality. As our Jolly Tars helped the elderly on board and US Marines landed very briefly - or "stormed the beach", to quote the Associated Press's imperishable report - to protect their ship, television crews hunted through the crowds of refugees for suitable pictures. Their problem, of course, was that almost the entire evacuation is of Lebanese who happen to hold dual citizenship. Cameras moved inexorably towards the very few blue-eyed men and blonde ladies of the "kith and kin" variety, anyone in fact who didn't look remotely like most of the rest of the refugees. It was pathetic. Even while we are betraying the Lebanese, we tried not to film the lucky few who could escape on our ships.
As Robert Fisk writes in the Independent. But even Fisk manages to give the impression that Hezbollah started it.

The Gaelic Starover: Hezbollah Has Two Mommies managest to set the record straight a little.

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Anonymous said...

Whist the focus of the western media is upon the agenda of the middle east, one should not forget the Chinese and russians, who every day get richer.
Nor the latin americans, who every day move closer towards a unified bloc.

Each american/israeli tank costs around $45 million, each RPG costs around $35. The american/israeli war machine had only one purpose, to control the oil supplies of the m.e., and then onwards to the Caspian basin. They may fail.


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