06 July 2006

Elizaphanian: Spiritual cancer (or: why I hate fundamentalism)

A good posting about Fundamentalism, which highlights many of the shortcomings of that ideology. I think this goes to the heart of the matter:
As such this doctrine shrivels the human spirit; it renders impotent the wider human faculties of intuition and imagination; it embraces the secular assumptions of Enlightenment modernism; it distorts what the Bible actually is.

While Fundamentalism was originally a reaction against modernism, it took on many of the characteristics of what it was reacting against.

Elizaphanian: Spiritual cancer (or: why I hate fundamentalism)

One of the problems in discussing Fundamentalism nowadays, however, is that the word "fundamentalist" has become a pejorative epithet among journalists for anyone who regards religion with anything other than bland indifference, thus obscuring what is really wrong with Fundamentalism. Elizaphanian helps to clear up some of the misunderstandings.

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