30 June 2012

What's trending on Twitter?

This morning I noticed that the "trending" box on Twitter had changed, and was now "tailored" for me, and these were, preseumably according to whatever algorithm they are using, the trends that I would be interested in watching:

Most of those meant nothing to me, so I changed it back to "South Africa, Johannesburg", which is what it was before.

I wonder what the difference is.

The one "tailored" for me lacks #RASA but includes Bar9, neither of which mean anything to me. I have heard of Tom Cruise, but have little interest in him, and have heard of MNet, but have little interest in that either.

Perhaps I'm just too out of touch with popular culture, even when its especially "tailored" for me.

Am I missing anything important?


jams o donnell said...

You are not missing a thing!

James Higham said...

You're getting very "with it", Steve.


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