05 October 2011

Sleepless night

Our son Simon usually rides to work on his bike at about 3:30 pm. We drive to fetch him and bike when he finishes work at 10:00 pm (he works at a bookshop in a shopping mall) because it's more dangerous riding a bike at night.

Last night he phoned to say he would be late -- he had to wait in the shop while some workmen put up a shelf, so he rode back on his bike when they were finished, arriving about 1:30 am. We were woken by the dogs barking to welcome him come. And about 20 minutes later there were two shots and the white of ricocheting bullets, quite close. We were glad that he got home before that. It set the dogs off barking again, and we looked out of the window, but couldn't see anyone.

But after being woken twice within half an hour, I couldn't get back to sleep. Now it's just after 9:00 am, and I feel sleepy.

1 comment:

Chris H said...

Sounds a 'lively' place Steve. Glad he got home safely.


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