10 February 2011

FF Plus - Tollgate Petition

I never imagined that the day would come when I would sympathise with any cause promoted by the far-rightwing Freedom Front Plus Party, but I do sympathise with their campaign against the new toll roads: FF Plus - Tollgate Petition.

Toll roads were introduced to South Africa by the National Party (remember them?). Roads were paid for by the Road Fund, and were funded mainly by a tax levied on fuel. The National Party nicked this money, because they wanted to use it to fund their attempts to destabilise Angola, Mocambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and other countries.

I wonder what the ANC's excuse is?

They have simply continued with the old NP policy, with no "transformation" in sight.

The NP then privatised the busiest roads and allowed private companies to make profits from the tolls. At the same time they deregulated transport, which resulted in more and heavier vehicles using the existing roads (often to avoid the toll roads). And that too has continued. Check, for example, the road from Bapsfontein to Standerton. It is the quickest and least congested route from Pretoria to KZN, and it is in bad condition because of the number of heavy vehicles usuing it to avoid to tolled sections. With even more tolled sections it can only get worse.

I wonder what the ANC's excuse it?

There's certainly been no transformation there, just a continuation of the old NP policies.

The fairest and most cost-effective way of paying for roads is a fuel levy. This also uses the "user-pays" principle -- the more you use the roads, the more fuel you use, and the more you pay.

But if they insist on charging 66c per kilometre, I suggest that those who have the special number plates that can be read by the toll gantries should be given a discount of R6.60 per litre on fuel. That would compensate for the cost of travelling between the toll gantries, which are about 10 km apart.

As for us, well, it will cost us about R300.00 more to go to church on a Sunday.

I'll certainly support the FF Plus petition.

I don't know if I'll vote for them, though.

But I might volunteer to distribute petition forms and leaflets at taxi ranks.


Brad Brown said...

I could not have said it better myself! Well done! If you need help distributing those flyers drop me a line!

Aquila ka Hecate said...

We're in the perhaps fortunate position of not having to take the motorways daily.
But I shudder to think of how the 'back' roads are going to look when these toll roads come into being. The route we take through Douglasdale is going to degenerate even further and the jams are going to get worse.
I'm incensed by this latest cash cow and will gladly go sign the petition.My partner is a FF+ member, anyway.
Terri in Joburg

Donn Edwards said...

These toll roads are highway robbery, not to mention multiple taxation.

The Singular Observer said...

Steve, a question: Is that R300 per month, or what?

Steve Hayes said...

Singular Observer: no, R300 a weekend.

The Singular Observer said...

So much do they ask you every time you go through it then?!

Steve Hayes said...

66c a kilometre.

Anonymous said...

Why so many toll gates all over Gauteng? Tollgates prices rise anually thats another fact to consider. These tollgates should not be allowed at all. Tollgate, Taxes and Joburg rates and taxes will leave us empty.

Anonymous said...

Why do the put pressure on us? Where must we drive? What about those who live below living wages? If they don't listen we must adopt what the good Egyptians did in their country. I am not prepared to pay another cent from my pocket. Its enough now.

Anonymous said...

It's funny & even ridiculous the way our government makes billions of rands with which they do very little and yet we now have to be barking about upcoming tollgates. Where will it end, I ask?!

Anonymous said...

Are we allowed to breath? The gorvenment is milking us dry! Why even make a profit out of a nation? We are like sheeps considered for slaughter. Ridiculous stupit tollgates. Daylight robbery


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