07 July 2010

Canada's shame

Canadian police, who were "powerless" to stop a bunch of vandals from smashing shop windows and torching police cars, showed how "powerful" they are by beating up a 57-year-old amputee.

Simple Massing Priest: Cowardly police leave "anarchists" alone and assault amputee:
As Sarah began pleading with them to give her father a little time and space to get up because he is an amputee, they began kicking and hitting him. One of the police officers used his knee to press Pruyn’s head down so hard on the ground, said Pruyn in an interview this July 4 with Niagara At Large, that his head was still hurting a week later.

Accusing him of resisting arrest, they pulled his walking sticks away from him, tied his hands behind his back and ripped off his prosthetic leg. Then they told him to get up and hop, and when he said he couldn’t, they dragged him across the pavement, tearing skin off his elbows, with his hands still tied behind his back. His glasses were knocked off as they continued to accuse him of resisting arrest and of being a “spitter,” something he said he did not do. They took him to a warehouse and locked him in a steel-mesh cage where his nightmare continued for another 27 hours.

They would have done SS Einsatzgruppe proud.


Oriscus said...

Steve, it's Howard Burkett from coinherence-l. My email account was hacked this afternoon, and spam was sent to my entire contact list. I cannot reply to the list right now because I'm over my 24-hour limit for emails. Please convey my sincerest apologies to the list.

James Higham said...

Worldwide now, Steve.


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