14 July 2009

Sarah Palin is so 2008

John Smulo said on Facebook:
I'm trying to deal with Facebook suggesting I become a fan of Sarah Palin.

But John, Sarah Palin is so 2008.

She isn't a patch on our Lynda Odendaal!

As one political commentator, The Wild Frontier at The Times -- Lynda Odendaal puts it:
THE departure of Lynda Odendaal from the position of second deputy president of Cope is not a seismic event in South African politics. The party’s first deputy president is Mbhazima Shilowa. It’s president is Mosiuoa Lekota. It’s Parliamentary leader is Mvume Dandala. So there is no shortage of leadership to fill the vacuum left by Odendaal. But her departure is yet another signal that Cope is yet to plot a course that inspires the electorate.

And probably the same could be said of Sarah Palin in the USA -- not a seismic event. Is there a Lynda Odendaal fan group on Facebook? Is there a fan group for every political drop-out?


James Higham said...

She really seems to have cut off her nose to spite her face.

Yewtree said...

Sarah Palin is a deeply scary individual. I can see why John Smulo would be upset at this suggestion - he's a liberal, isn't he?

John Smulo said...

I guess every country has similar characters. One of the worst I've seen is Pauline Hanson when I lived in Australia.

Steve Hayes said...


Thanks for the tip-off about the Wild Hunt article. It got me sidetracked into editing the Wikipedia article on the Latter Rain Movement which I found to be seriously deficient, but I really must catch up on these developments in the career of C. Peter Wagner.

Yewtree said...

I'd never heard of that, and started reading the Wikipedia article. Deeply scary people for the most part, though I agree about rejecting dispensationalism (not that a "victorious eschatology" sounds much better).

Why is/was it called the Latter Rain movement? why did the women wear blue dresses? does it still exist?


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