07 June 2009

A Baptist minister visits an Orthodox Church

Not for Lightweights | Real Live Preacher:
Last Sunday was the 4th of 13 in my sabbatical time. Each of them is precious to me. Each week I am choosing a place and a way to worship. I’m not a church tourist, hoping to see new things. I’m seeking spiritual experiences. I want to worship. Saturday night Jeanene and I still hadn’t decided where to go. I experienced something common to our culture but new to me. The “Where do you want to go to church - I don’t know where do YOU want to go to church” conversation. I found the Saint Anthony the Great website. It's an Orthodox church that has beautiful Byzantine art in the sanctuary. We decided to go there.

I've been reading blogs where people discuss "attractional" versus "missional" churches, and have struggled to make sense of these terms. They just don't seem to fit my understand or experience of church. And, perhaps this real live preacher 's experiwnce can give a clue about why "attractional" versus "missional" seems such a false dichotomy.

This one has been doing the rounds on Facebook.


Yewtree said...

Nice one, made me smile.

BruceA said...

Wow, serious worship. It makes me want to visit an Orthodox church. Are they all like that?

Steve Hayes said...


You might want to try one where they use English. In your part of the world many Orthodox churches have immigrant roots, and still use the languages of the "old country", so it would be more difficult to follow.


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