01 April 2009

G20 summit

Watching Sky News reporting on the G20 summit.

What's it all about, according to Sky News then?

  1. The police
  2. The police
  3. The police
Seems that Britain really is a police state.

It reminds me of a book I read nearly 40 years ago:

Halloran, James D., Elliott, Philip & Murdock, Graham. 1970.
Demonstrations and communication: a case study.
Harmondsworth: Penguin.
The demonstration against the Vietnam War in
London on 27 October 1968 was overwhelmingly
peaceful, yet the press and television
coverage concentrated on the tiny violent
minority. The authors have analysed the way in
which the news media determined the quality of
the event and then were compelled to find
incidents to fulfil their prophecies. This
analysis is a study of the structure of our
understanding of "news", of what counts as
"news" and why the media are committed to
reporting not what happens but what they think
should happen.

Seems that nothing has changed. The media continue to manipulate the news.


Anonymous said...

It'll always be that way, until people wake up and start talking amongst themselves about the happenings of the world, and not rely on the entertainment we call the "news"

vancouver real estate said...

Of course the news will mostly be a negative aspect of whatever is happening. But to be fair, I do think things have changed lately since this book was published: we have the Internet now. Although I don't want to over emphasise the power or this relatively new medium, bloggers, or some of them especially, do function as some kind of alternative news channels, don't you think?

Take care,

Tauratinswe said...

If it's not violent, it's not news. Anything peaceful is a non-event for the news media. No ratings.


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