26 November 2007

Fraudulent Google searches

Having an idle moment waiting for the kettle to boil I remembered finding a blog with a similar name to mine, and decided to look for it on Google, where I found this:

Notes from underground: Urban legend: government to replace
12 Nov 2007 by laiiwjmi
bGovernment/b employees demand more bholidays/b and higher pay. When the Danish bgovernment/b intervened in spring 1998 to end the major private sector industrial b/bLink to Queensland bGovernment/b (www.qld.gov.au) b/b Public ...
btyu.mevent.org - http://btyu.mevent.org/

and a few others like it. That is not a blog similar to mine, but it has nicked the title of a post I wrote in my blog (Notes from underground: Urban legend: government to replace Christian public holidays), though the content is nothing like it.

Entering "Notes from underground: Urban legend: government to replace" into Google blog search produces some interesting results -- a long list of bogus blog sites.

Should one report this to Google, as it seems fraudulent, to say the least?

1 comment:

jafabrit said...

there is a specific term for it, but I forgot at the moment. Here is a link to report it.

I have noticed several sites hijacking the title of my blog or the arts council blog or using my name as a search word for spam blogs.


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