11 November 2006

Blogger Beta - yeccccch!

I finally succumbed to all the blandishments to switch to the "new and improved" Blogger Beta, and now I am being urged to try all the new features.

But I've just spent an hour or more trying to get some of the old features to work.

One of the reasons I created an account with Blogger was the "Blog this" feature, making it easy to create links to other blogs, or other posts that I wanted to remember.

But now every time I try to use it I am asked to log in (when I'm already logged in), and then when I do try to log in, I'm told that my account (theat I'm logged in to) does not exist.

If any Blogger users read this, please tell me if you have found a way to make this work.


Sam Charles Norton said...

Ah - I share your pain. The bit about the original blogger that I miss the most is the direct access to old posts when you search for them (rather than the archive listing). I've learned how to cheat my way around that though, which is to type in the summary html page. The specific pages are still there, you just have to guess the address right.

As for 'blog this' - I'm afraid I've abandoned it for the time being. A lot of that sort of software hasn't been redone for Blogger beta. It'll happen in time, but meanwhile we just have to curse the b....

Steve Hayes said...

The thing that urged me to switch assured me that all the original features were still there. Too late I discovered that they weren't.

Jebb said...

I never used Blog This, so I can't feel your pain there. Despite a few hiccups in the beginning, I largely love Beta. The instant publishing is bliss ... it's so easy now to make little changes to the sidebar without having to republish the whole darn thing. It seems to have become far more stable over the last few weeks, as well.

Joey said...

I also have switched to betabloger a month ago. Well for some time i could not comment on other blogs, but somehow they fixed the bug. As for "blog this" feature, i really haven't learn to do that even with the old blogger.

I just hope that this bug will come to the attention of beta blogger technician.


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