08 May 2006

The Eagle's Nest: Following Jesus

This reminds me of the Message to the people of South Africa, published in 1968.

The Eagle's Nest: Following Jesus

It's worth reading, and perhaps disseminating. I would also be interested in a source.


Unknown said...

Steve, I am checking with Dale Hess who provided the article. He is a Quaker with an extensive email list on peace and social justice issues, articles, and initiatives. If he is unable to assist I will use the contact details on the bottom of the document. The document looks to me as if it has arisen out of a meeting or conference. I am unable to find the text on the net of the 1968 Message to the People of South Africa by the SA Council of Churches. Can you help here? If there is no link to be had, would it be possible for you to work up a hard copy on to your site. From references to the Message on the net, it seems - like the Barmen Declaration and Following Jesus - to point to the Lordship of Jesus, that God is supreme and to him we owe our first obedience. I thank you for picking up the significance of this and its relationship to another Christian document. It would be good if others were able to advise of any other sound and significant Christian documents in recent memory which responded prophetically to the signs of their times and upheld the Lordship of Christ over all.I think such documents need to be brought to the mind of the church - as prophetic material and words to bring awareness to Christians - who can, at times, be apathetic pew-fillers.

Steve Hayes said...

Thanks very much!

I posted it in the Christianity and Society discussion forum, and there have been a couple of interesting responses to that.

I will see if I can find a copy of "A message to the people of South Africa".


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