30 March 2006

The Eagle's Nest

After joining the Progressive Christian Blog Network (which seems to be defunct), an old net friend left a comment, which enabled me to find her blog.

The Eagle's Nest

She has interesting comments on the privatisation of health care, and other things.


Brodie said...

hi found your blog today and was intrigued by the title, "Notes from the underground". I guess one reason it caught my eye is my blog is called "View from the Basement" (www.viewfromthebasement.typepad.com) and I wondered if we were coming from a similar "place"

Steve Hayes said...

I tried to follow the link to your name, and found one called "hopeful Imagination.", which seems to be coming from a similar place, in some ways.

Notes from underground is, of course, the title of one of Dostoevsky's books, though I didn't choose it because of any resemblance to the content of the novel; it just sort of sprang into my head, and it has various connotations for me: underground press, underground church, the undergrund as a symbol or resistance to the generally accepted views in society, so something vaguely counter-cultural.


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