10 May 2008

Ten Reasons Why I Want To Raise My Child in South Africa

Here are three of the ten reasons, but the others are worth reading too.

random thoughts from underneath the table v3.0.: Ten Reasons Why I Want To Raise My Child in South Africa:
3. She goes to school with kids of every colour of the rainbow. They all get the same snotty noses, the same scrapes on the knees, and they hold hands with each other. They have absolutely no interest in whether or not their grandparents or parents once upon a time were not allowed to do this.

4. She understands three languages. She's not even three yet. Yes, she can't speak them all, but she can understand all three.

5. There is noise and joy and emotional honesty in the way we live. When we as a nation are happy, we celebrate. When we are sad, we are sad together. Does anything else really matter? At least we are together in the queue for petrol and/or torches.

Our kids are older than that now, so it's no longer a question that concerns us very much, but if they were younger, those would have been important considerations.

And when we are in the queue for petrol and I find that it costs over R500.00 to fill the tank, I console myself with the thought that petrol costs twice as much in the UK -- over a pound a litre.

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