03 May 2008

Gott segnen Amerika!

Views on the Weakly News VIII � Angry African on the Loose:
Happy birthday dear Adolf!

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Republican congressional candidate of Indiana, Tony Zirkle, went to celebrate the birthday of Hitler. A big bash given by the American National Socialist Workers Party in Chicago. WTF? Just follow the link. They even have a photo of the guy in front of a Hitler picture. And you bitch about Obama guys? Start cleaning that pigsty out right away mista! But here is the part I just love - his reason for going… Because he was invited. But wait! The best is yet to come. He says he that he goes to everything he gets invited to. “I’ll speak before any group that invites me,” said Zirkle ”I’ve spoken on an African-American radio station in Atlanta.” WTF? Hitler and an African-American radio station? WTF? Do I need to say more?


Unknown said...


But I guess you're only clear for the good listener/de goede verstaander.

Anonymous said...

Now there's an astute politician (says cynically)


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