24 May 2008

The "third force" behind xenophobic violence?

Could the ugly face of capitalism be behind the violence against foreigners that we have seen over the last couple of months?

There have been taxi wars in the past, now it seems to have spread to other businesses.
clipped from www.rekord.co.za
Foreigners say the senseless violence in Atteridgeville and Mamelodi has been brewing for months.
Members of the Burundian and Rwandan communities say the attacks are planned and co-ordinated.
Abdul Hakim Mohamed, chairperson of the Somali Community Board of South Africa, says he believes there is a deeper cause for the widespread xenophobic violence.
“Rival business owners in the communities we serve, see us as serious competition.”
He claims that some local business owners actually pay youngsters in townships to loot and burn foreign businesses.
Abdul gave Rekord a copy of what he said was a written threat from a Mamelodi business organisation.
Abdul says he handed the letter to the Mamelodi East police but no action was taken.
Director Nkisikwethu Sithole, from the Mamelodi East police, denied receiving the letter.
“If we receive more evidence on this matter we will start an investigation,” he says.
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