22 May 2008

Nine milliion South Africans want to emigrate

According to a recent survey, some nine million South Africans want to emigrate. And 2430000 believe they have the funds and qualifications to do it.

Something tells me that this survey is deeply flawed.

clipped from www.theherald.co.za

TWENTY per cent of South Africans are planning to emigrate or are seriously considering it, according to the results of a survey released yesterday by global market research company Synovate.

Spokesman Jake Orpen said 600 respondents were interviewed in all nine provinces of South Africa. The results were weighted to ensure representation across province, age, gender and race.

Some 27% of respondents believed they would be able to successfully emigrate, would have the required funds and were well qualified. On the other hand, 51% of respondents said they would not be able to afford emigration.

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Hat-tip to Contact Online.

But seriously, 9 million!

That's almost as high a proportion as are leaving basket case countries like Somalia and Zimbabwe. Something about that survey just doesn't ring true, and I suspect that the survey was not in any sense scientific. Who would take 9 million, even if they could afford the fare and were qualified?

But perhaps it would make more room for Zimbabweans.


bigbluemeanie said...

Many will no doubt end up in Europe (mostly the UK), the USA and Australia/New Zealand.

While here they will "complain that they did not move here to be told what to do", "endlessly discuss their visa status" and complain about crime in the UK and book tickets back home again.

Anonymous said...

There are millions of South Africans abroad. Many South Africans want to or have emigrated out of South Africa.

There's a huge shortage of skill in the country.

That's why there are programs at the moment aimed at getting South Africans back home (such as the "homecoming revolution").

But more and more South Africans are trying to learn European languages in SA so they can leave South Africa.


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