11 May 2008

Blogspot problems

Blogger problems persist, even though I have tried it with two different browsers and three different computers, I still get a "403 forbidden" message when I try to read any of my Blogger blogs of Blogspot.

I get the same message when I try to read any other blogs on Blogspot too.

I have already moved my family history blog to http://hayesgreene.wordpress.com/, and will move this one too if the problem persists.

In the mean time, I'm still blogging at Khanya blog.

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Steve Hayes said...

Well, the problem has been rectified -- for now, so this blog will stay here for the moment.

But Google, having shown itself unreliable once, prompts caution. If it's their blogs today, will it be mail tomorrow? How far can you rely on Google Calendar? Can you trust any of them to be around when you need them?

Thus far Goggle mail has been much more reliable than Yahoo or Hotmail, but will it last?

Confidence has been shaken.


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