19 September 2011

Naming computer programs

Why do people have to name computer programs or web services with ordinary words?

I'm referring to things like Ubuntu and Android, and one I heard of just today, a social networking thing called Diaspora.

If you are looking for web sites related to ubuntu, or androids, the search engines spew out many totally irrelevant posts.

Computer programs or web sites with unique made-up names have less danger of ambiguity and confusion, like Linux, Facebook, Orkut and the like. Ok, "twitter" is a word, but it's not one that people would really want to look up other than the web site.


bigbluemeanie said...

I believe that this became a problem after Google changed their algorithm to massively favour those sites "most clicked on" over other "more intelligent" rules. It favours the lowest common denominator. The non-ebrity who calls herself Jordon over the country, for example.

dan said...

Try using "duckduckgo.com" for a search engine. Very simple and all that, no bubbling and tracking nonsense, it has SSL encryption, etc. It gives a "multiple meanings" box first, which is usually very helpful.

I guess the problem is humans aren't really designed for non-emotional decision-making. If you have a choice between "Ubuntu" and "Y.A.D.B.G/L.D.B.D" (Yet Another Debian Based GNU/Linux Desktop Based Distribtion) which one are you more drawn to? :-)

James Higham said...

Give us some alternatives.


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