03 September 2011

End of blogrolling, end of blogging?

This morning I got a message about a new comment on my blog, so I went to have a look at it, and my blog vanished. There was just a message saying that the page could not be displayed and I must contact the administrator.

The comment I tried to look at was from "Anonymous", so, thinking it might contain some malicious redirecting code, I deleted it.

But still the blog would not display. I went to the Blogger forums and found that others had had similar problems, which appeared to be caused by blogrolling widgets. They either had bugs, or were being hacked, it seemed.

So I deleted all the blogtolling widgets.

But now my blog is isolated.

It was bad enough when MyBlogLog disappeared, and BlogCatalog was "improved" so that it became almost useless. But I still had blogrolls of blogs I liked to read, and I could see when they were updated, and so could read new posts on them.

But now I've had to remove them too.

Someone really does seem to be out to kill blogs and blogging.

I liked to read "The poor mouth", but can't remember the URL, and the same with lots of other blogs.


CherryPie said...

I noticed that problem when trying to access someone else's blog. To be able to read the blog I had to click I had to click the stop button as the page was loading. I know she has blogrolling widgets in her side bar too.

Here is the link for Jams:


I tend to just have my blogroll in a list in the side bar. I also use google reader to keep track of my favourites. Although I always go to the blogs to read them.

Steve Hayes said...

Interesting - I went to Jams's blog and his blogroll was still there -- perhaps they've fixed the problem, or perhaps it only affected some blogs.

CherryPie said...

I think Jams blog uses the blogger widget and not blogrolling.

The page I mentioned uses blogrolling and when you try to access that page it diverts you to the blogrolling site which now appears to be down so I am getting an error message.

Anonymous said...

Just use Google Reader for keeping track of and reading the blogs you follow.

Clarissa said...

Unfortunately, Blogspot has been in a very protracted funk. It started somewhere in March when the Google Blogger attempted to revamp its entire system. Since then, Blogspot has broken down at regular intervals.

For me, it eventually got so frustrating that I moved my entire blog to WordPress and had to get accustomed to reading the blogs I follow in Google Reader. Of course, I much preferred a regular blogroll but, as you say, they are dying out.

WordPress offers a blogroll to its readers but it is so inconvenient, confusing and overall weird that I don't use it.

jams o donnell said...

I don't use blogroll Steve, I used to but got shot of it a couple of years ago. Cherie is right I use a blogger widget now.

It is a huge pisser that so many useful applications are going by the wayside


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