11 September 2011

I'm getting tired of this

I'm getting tired of this.

For the second day in a row I've lost all Internet access from my desktop computer. No mail, no news, no web.

It works fine on my laptop, which runs Windows 7. It works fine on my wife's laptop, which runs Windows Vista. But on my desktop, which runs Windows 32-bit XP, it's stopped two days in a row. In order to be able to write this, I had to do a System Restore back to the state on 8 September, and it took half an hour to find where among the forest of menus one could do that (but if it continues much longer I'll be able to go straight there - practice makes perfect). But doing a System Restore every day takes about 10 times longer to shut down and boot up, as it shifts files into and out of archives.

Oh, and it's also works fine on the same machine when I boot it into Linux Fedora 14, so it's not a hardware problem, or an ISP problem, and the mice haven't chewed through the Ethernet cable.

It's a Windows problem.

And the only change I've made to the system since Sept 8 was to install an update of Avast antivirus.

Is anyone else having similar problems?

Any ideas what might be causing this?

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Steve Hayes said...

I have identified the culprit - I restored the C: drive from a back up. All worked well until I upgraded the Avast antivirus program from version 6.01203 to 6.01209. Internet access was blocked, and it wiped out all my system restore points. Avast now IS a virus, or at least it behaves exactly like a virus. I'm typing this on my laptop while waiting for the C: drive on my desktop to be rerstored again, for the second time in 2 days.


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